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8 Good Reasons why ANU is the Preferred Choice!

  1. ANU is ranked #1  in Australia and #20 in the world (QS World Ranking 2017/18)
  2. ANU consistently ranks highest in national and global graduate surveys got overall employability, as well as starting salary.
  3. A degree from ANU ensures that you will stand out in the global job market. World-first choice and flexibility - we will let you choose a range of flexible degree options that put you in charge of your education, ensuring you can develop the skills and expertise you need for your dream career.
  4. Choose from over 50 single degrees programs across our 7 academic colleges or over 750 degree combination with a Flexible Double Degree so you can graduate with 2 qualifications and expand your career options.
  5. The University's academic staff are world leaders in their fields. They don't teach from textbooks, they write them.
  6. ANU possesses a high staff-to-student ratio, which means students will work closely with academic staff and get to know their teachers.
  7. With more than 175+ partner universities across 73 countries and connections with leading institutions and businesses. ANU provides with a passport to global opportunities.
  8. ANU is the only Australian member of the International Alliance of Research Universities with out partners Cmabridge, Yale, Peking, Tokyo, Cape Town and Copehagen universities, ETH Zurich, the National University of Singapore, and Berkeley, California

Courses offered

Engineering & Computing

B. Advanced Computing (Research and Development)(Hons)

B. Advanced Computing (Hons)

B. Engineering (Hons)

B. Engineering (Research and Development) (Hons)

B. Information Technology

B. Software Engineering (Hons)

Diploma of Computing

Law & Government

B. Arts

B. Criminology

B. International Relations

B. International Security Studies

B. Laws (Hons)

B. Policy Studies

B. Political Science

B. Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Science Health & Technology

B. Biotechnology

B. Environmental Studies

B. Genetics

B. Interdisciplinary Studies

B. Mathematical Studies

B. Medical Science

B. Philosophy (PhB)

B. Philosophy (Hons)

B. Science (choose from 21 majors)

Business & Economics

B. Accounting

B. Actuarial Science

B. Business Administration


B. Economics

B. Finance

B. Finance, Economics and Statistics (Hons)

B. International Business

B. Politics, Philosophy and Economics

B. Statistics

Social Science & Humanities

B. Archaeological Practice

B. Arts

B. Asian Studies

B. Classical Studies

B. Development Studies

B. European Studies

B. International Relations

B. Languages (28 to choose from)

B. Latin American Studies

B. Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies

B. Pacific Studies

B. Philosophy (PhB)

     Diploma of Languages

     Diploma of Liberal Studies

B. Arts

( Major in nearly 50 different fields! Including creative arts, languages, history, human rights, international relations, sociology, anthropology ...)

B. Art History and Curatorship

B. Design Arts

B. Music

B. Visual Arts

    Diploma of Liberal Studies

Creative Arts & Design

*QS World Ranking 2017/18

**2016 THE Global Employability University Ranking

Ranked #1 in Australia and #20 in the world*

with Australia's most employable graduates**, come along to find out why ANU is the right fit for you.

We would like to invite you and your friends / parents to attend the Information Session to benefit from the following:



Study in UK, Australia, Canada Unis

Info & Application Week

Mon - Fri   |  10.00am - 6.30pm

Sat   |  10.30am - 2.30pm

Design the degree

that suits you

Single Degree

Choose from 50 single degree programs across 7 academic colleges.

Choose between Structured Degree or

Flexibility across a range of subjects for Bach of Arts or Bach of Science


Double Degree

Combine 2 different degrees into Flexible Double degree &

Graduate with 2 qualifications

with 1 extra year more


Double Degree

Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree in 1 study program and graduate with 2 qualifications: i.e Bachelor and Masters


Research Degree

Undergraduate research degree with intensive individual guidance from world leading academics.

4 year Bachelor of Philosophy (Hon) for fastrack entry to Ph.D programs

ANU has pioneered a range of flexible degree options that put you in charge of your education, ensuring you can develop the skills and expertise you need for your dream career.

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Level 7 Orchard Shopping Centre

321 Orchard Road S(238866)

Next to 313 Somerset MRT

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